Mr. KSVS Naarayana

Mr. K.S.V.S. Naarayana is a professional at Core. Basically, he is a Charted Accountant running offices in various locations in both the Telugu speaking states including Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Having an interest in education, Mr. Naarayana established schools in different places. He strongly believes that Diksuchi is going to be instrumental in moulding our young generation.


Mr. S.V.Suresh

Mr.S.V.Suresh, a Post Graduate from Andhra University is a familiar name in education and Career Journalism. He is a pioneer of career journalism in Telugu. Having two and half decades of experience in this sector, Mr.Suresh has a keen interest in education. He is the Editor of various other Journals apart from Vidyarthi Diksuchi. Mr. Suresh has core competence in content planning, presentation in a very impressive way for reader’s joyful journey.

Mr. Moorthy Naidu Padam

Mr. Moorthy Naidu Padam is a leading analyst and financial expert. He is also a well known technical adviser to market pundits in stocks and commodities markets. He was the youngest member in National stock exchange when he joined. Mr. Moorthy Naidu has also insights on Print media as well as education.


Mr. Satish Kethineedi

Mr. Satish Kethineedi is an Architect in Technology Innovation & Development. He is a BE, Mechanical from Andhra University and a first generation entrepreneur, having many startups to his credit. He has been in the field of Information Technology for more than a decade and has designed many high-end technology products for varied functional domains. He has been the Chief Architect for Education Process Management Product using ASP Technology. He is considered to be a pioneer in developing products based on Cloud Computing Technology. He had visualized and conceptualized the products based on Cloud Computing Technology more than a decade back when the technology was at its infant stage. He has been a mentor to many budding technocrats who are playing significant roles in the design and development of IT solutions across the top IT companies in India and abroad.

Dr. Chukka Ramaiah

Dr. Chukka Ramaiah, known as IIT guru, is an advisor to the Vidyarthi Diksuchi team. Basically a mathematics teacher, Dr. Chukka Ramaiah trained thousands of students to cherish their dream to become IITians. A former MLC and academician, he regularly educates public with his writings through newspapers. He is an advisor on educational issues to many Governmental Institutions.


Mr. Venu Bhagavan

Young entrepreneur turned motivational speaker, Mr. Venu Bhagavan is a promoter of change management. He believes that one should accept change for betterment. Chief advisor and mentor for many schools, Mr. Venu Bhagavan very often conduct workshops for parents. Mr. Venu Bhagavan has associated himself with Vidyarthi Diksuchi not only as a feature writer but also as a guiding spirit.

Prof. Viswanadhan

Prof. Viswanadhan is a retired Professor from Osmania University. He is actively involved in motivational talks through various forums. He is a regular faculty to Rama Krishna Matt and Impact and several other organizations.


Dr. Niranjan Reddy

Dr. Niranjan Reddy is a Clinical Psychologist (Retd.) from Government service, in which he had rendered service to many people. Now he is at Roshni Counselling Centre, Hyderabad as Chief Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Niranjan Reddy is a member of interview panels in many Organisations. Dr.Niranjan Reddy writes for Diksuchi every month on issues dealing with children’s inner potential.

Mr. Dr.Verender

Dr.Verender is Doctorate in Physics and used to teach for IIT aspirants. His love towards counselling made him study Psychology. Now he is the Chief Academic counsellor at You & Me. Dr. Veerender writes on study skills.


Mr. B.V.Satyanagesh

B.V.Satyanagesh is a Psychologist specialized in students’ counselling. He has given thousands of talks to motivate youth and conducted workshops. He is a key expert at Mind Foundation for personal Excellence based at Hyderabad.

Mr. N. Uma Srinivas

Mr. Uma Srinivas is a Post Graduate in English, Telugu and Hindi along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He has two decades of teaching experience in reputed educational Institutions. Known for his innovative ideas to impart basic concepts in students, he has had many milestones. Mr. Srinivas strives to translate text book knowledge to real life experience. He extends constant support to Vidyarthi Diksuchi.