Roni Akurati


Roni Akurati is born and brought up in Chicago by parents Ramesh and Rajani Akurati, the natives of Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh. Roni started acting from the age of 7 as theatre artist and moved on to TV and Movies. He is known for the movie ‘Growing Up Smith’ where he played the lead role of Smith. Out of thousand Indian boys who were auditioned, Telugu boy Roni Akurati made the cut to bag the lead role in the recently released cross-cultural comedy, Growing Up Smith. The movie is a culture-clash comedy which “possesses a big heart, features a funny and engagingly sincere
performance by Lake Zurich’s Roni Akurati”.

‘Lake Zurich’s Roni Akurati a charmer in comedy’, says Chicago Daily Herald.
‘Roni Akurati Steals the Show in Growing Up Smith’, reads another. The film has got an IMDB rating of 8.5
It was TIME magazine’s pick for ‘movie of the week’ in the first week of February

Winner Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature – Prescott Film Festival 2016
Winner Jury Award for Best Family Feature – Garden State Film Festival 2016
Winner Comcast Narrative Jury Award for Best Feature – CAAMFest 2016
Winner Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature – Woodstock Film Festival 2015
Winner Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature – Naples International Film Festival 2015
Best of the Fest – Seattle International Film Festival 2015

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