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Youtube is a full pack of information. Its a coin with two sides. It includes good content and bad attractive videos. To avoid this issue,youtube released an app called “Youtube kids”. It is a free mobile app available for IOS and andriod devices which curates both education and entertainment for kids. With that in mind, we listed top 10 Edu channels which are useful to learn something new and good in the life for a better career.

Sick Science:
Doing Experiments is always exciting and fun for students. Lot of enthusiastic kids perform experiments with the available toolsat home. If you are that type of kid then look at the channel Sick Science in the youtube. You shall find best scientific experiments in thischannel which will amaze you. These lessons are taught by Steve Spangler,an Emmy-award winning celebrity teacher and science personality. It is best platform for DIY (Do it yourself) Science Ideas. Look and learn from them to amaze your parents and friends with your science Experiements.
Channel Url – https:

As a kid we all love cartoons right?
At the same time some of us feel bored about Biology, Geography,Science, Engineering. If you too are in the same zone then here you have a fantastic channel called Crashcourse kids with awesome
animations on Earth Science, Phyisical science, Biology,Geography. Crashcourse kids is channel which is bi-weekly show from the crash course channel producers. Crashcourse kids is all about grade-school science. You would find videos on every Tuesday and Thursday. Explore the earth, space, engineering, animals, chemical reactions, habitats with this channel.
URL Channel –

TED ED is and education arm of the TED Foundation. It is a good source and best suited for kids over 10 years. It has brief lessons on a variety of topics through guest lectures from all over the world.Beautifully animated videos with thoughtful topics engage young kidsand the parents alike. To keep up with inspiration fuel do not skip watching them regularly.
Channel URL –

Eco-friendly is one of the major topic that kids should concentrate on. Simplekids is a channel which features ‘Do it Yourself’ crafts outof recycled and waste materials. It features videos on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. It has a lot of ‘how to’ videos on everything from bottle-cap tops to doll furnishings. Majority of 5 minute carfts are easy, fast, simple and free. A few activities require a little more time and materials.
Channel URL –

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