Crazy Movie Time


Most of us have grown watching movies as part of our regular schedules. They fuel our imagination. If we try to understand why we watch movies, there is a lot of interesting science involved.

cj7 march

Let us take a look at “CJ7”, a Hong Kong- Chinese science fiction comedy drama cowritten, co-produced, starring, and directed by Stephen Chow. As usual with a Stephen Chow movie, the humour is
simple and uncomplicated.The story is simple. It starts with the best-selling ‘being poor is bad’ theme. The protagonist is a kid with the usual trying-to-fit-in issues. His Father (played by Stephen Chow) is a poor construction worker, who works overtime to send his son to a very good and expensive private school. The story explores the child’s want of toys to impress his friends and his demands with his father. The father is unable to fulfill his son’s demands. Instead, he brings back an alien from the garbage as a toy. The alien comes to life and the kid dreams of all his problems being solved with the help of the magical alien.But a twist in the story, nothing comes to happen as he
imagined but instead he gets stuck in more problems. The story then shows the bonds between the father, the son and the alien and how the human duo learn to solve their own problems. The story climaxes
with the death of the alien while trying to revive the father from the dead after a fatal accident and how they learn to live happily ever after.

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